Time 4 Hope
Hong Kong 2002
Directed by Derek Chiu.

The next time I see an autobiographical movie of someone's life, I sincerely hope they are either more interesting or just lie a lot. As it stands, this is the story of Yuen Kai-Chi, (played by Nick Cheung) an unlikable screenwriter catapulted to success for his script for A CHINESE GHOST STORY, ultimately can't keep pace with his new, hectic lifestyle and gets into a near fatal car accident. While he is recovering, he falls in love with his nurse (Athena Chu), who stays with him through thick and thin, though he still manages to remain pretty unlikable. I was hopeful throughout the film that it would be good, by the end I had to accept the fact that it just simply wasn't.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on September 08, 2004.

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