Unplugging Nightmare
Hong Kong 2004
Directed by Elfa Lee.

This is what the TROUBLESOME NIGHT series would look like with a little more money and more serious storylines. The story concerns a reporter (Yoyo Mung) who has the same dream over and over again for ten years, about a woman in a rocking chair. She and her friend (Jo Koo), another reporter, start writing a column about haunted houses, and she stumbles across the house in her dreams. the dream starts to become more elaborate. She learns more and tries to uncover the mystery. Helena Law Lan is, alas, not a Taoist ghostbuster, just someone's crazy aunt. The next time director Elfa Lee makes a film, they should lock up and hide the digital color grading equipment. UNPLUGGING NIGHTMARE is bled of almost all color, its palette a dull blue-grey. Red, however, comes out bright and sharp, so in one scene, when Jo Koo arrives in a red coat, I feel like Schindler watching the little girl who gets killed by the Nazis. A boring story, made moreso my the monochromatic landscape, repetitious soundtrack, and one note performances. It is the cinematic equivalent of watching a dead patient's heart monitor flatline.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on February 07, 2005.

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