Wife from Hell
Hong Kong 2006
Directed by Law Wai-Tak.

Andrew Lin was going to be the best doctor around, but instead missed a lot of opportunities because his wife's (Candy Lo) asthma held him back. She is completely devoted to him, however, and even after she dies she comes back and cleans the house and makes him dinner. WIFE FROM HELL? Are you sure? Shouldn't this be called WIDOWER IN HEAVEN?

WIFE FROM HELL very nicely illustrates how men are psychological misfits when it comes to steady relationships. They pine for the "action" of their bachelor days, and forget all the sleazy bars filled with desperate people and lonely nights. So when he goes out with a married friend, who parties hard, visits prostitutes, and looks on his wife with contempt, Lin wonders whether he is wasting his life being faithful to his sickly wife -- his evening out reminds him of all the fun parts of being single.

Later, when he actually his single, he's reminded of all the bad parts -- crazy girlfriends, old ladies trying to throw vials of acid on him, prostitutes, drunken friends. It's just like he imagined, only much, much worse. WIFE IN HELL is about a married man who gets his wish, only to discover he was a fool for ever wishing it in the first place.

Candy Lo has long been a favorite actress of mine and she is wonderful here as his asthmatic ghost-wife. In her performance, you can understand both her husband's frustration and his affection. Andrew Lin, while still not strong enough to carry a movie on his own, manages to convey his desperation, his weakness, and his regret. He is well supported by the rest of the cast, including Matt Chow as his bachelor-at-heart friend and Bonnie Wong as his creepy mother-in-law.

Rating: Recommended (Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on August 25, 2007.

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