Wild Ones, The
Hong Kong 1989
Directed by Francis Sung and David Lam.

After getting mocked in Toronto for being a Chinese social worker trying to help Canadian youth, of whom she is told she knows nothing about, Sandy (Olivia Cheng) returns to Hong Kong and gets a job at a girls' home where she has to take on four troublesome cases. It's pretty typical girls-in-reform-school type stuff of the inspirational variety (so please don't buy this film expecting some naked knife fights in the showers or anything). The girls (Loletta Lee, Irene Wan, Fennie Yuen, and Chan Ka Ling) come from various backgrounds, and in helping them, Sandy causes all sorts of drama, triumph, and tragedy. The movie never strays from the predictable formula, but it does fill in the details with confidence and style. The characters are engaging, the action scenes are brutal (especially a daughter vs. stepmom all-out brawl in a fancy restaurant), and the drama plucks at your heart strings in spite of itself. Simon Yam has a small role as the social worker's fiance, and Tommy Wong is a street smart small-timer who helps her understand what the girls lives are like.

Rating: Recommended (Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on July 24, 2005.


I thought Olivia Cheng played the role really well. Just made me wished there were more women like her in the world today.

This film made me like Olivia Cheng a lot.

Posted by: jason at January 24, 2006 03:35 PM
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